Friday, July 02, 2004

Watching 24...

...and so far, we're up to 10am in NZ. What I'm wondering is how on earth Palmer thinks he can get re-elected as Prez. So far he's:
- embezzled discretion funds to carry out a covert assassination in defiance of several executive orders forbidding such operations,
- had his national security adviser tortured,
- been deposed by his vice-president and cabinet on the grounds of ill-health,
- Covered up his wife's involvement in another man's death,
- Imprisoned a journalist without trial,
- Nearly went to war with three Middle Eastern Countries over faked intelligence and he didn't even bother find out their names,
- Allowed a nuclear bomb to be deployed in L.A.,
- Ordered the execution of an federal agent on a terrorist's instructions,
- Allowed extensive environmental damage to be caused via a nuclear explosion to areas of ecological value west of L.A.,
- Had an affair with his Doctor, and
- Failed to notice that his wife of twenty years was criminally insane.

and he expects people to vote for him?