Friday, August 06, 2004

The Mossad Scandal

The impact of the Mossad case has flared again with a renewed attack on Jewish cemetaries. Hopefully the perps will soon be caught (and considering that there is only one untouched jewish cemetary left in the area, the odds are good) and helped down the stairs.

The government's reaction has been to condemn the attack. They've made very little actual comment on the spy case since the original fuss on the grounds that it is now sub judice because Eli and Uri are appealing against their convictions. I'm curious in hearing about proposed grounds for appeal because Eli and Uri pleaded guilty at the trial. The cynical in me suspects that the appeal is a good excuse for the government to shut up since it takes roughly six months for an appeal to be heard while Eli and Uri are only in for five months at the end of which they will be deported. Since the Israelis have indicated that they will be making a statement resolving the affair when Eli and Uri are deported, there's little point in beating up the issue further from the government's point of view in light of the grave attacks and the Hamas endorsement.