Thursday, September 09, 2004

Council Poster Vandalism

Some anti-nuclear group has been vandalizing the election posters by painting nuclear logos on them. They were obviously arts students as the posters concerned were all in the vicinity of the university and the defacement was indiscriminate, regardless of what the candidate was standing for. They had even defaced a picture of David Morrell, chiefly known for his work with the City Mission and a candidate for the district health board. Further evidence of their idiocy is that a poster for Faimeh Burke, wife of Kerry who had voted for the controversial motion, lay only a block away but was untouched.

As for that motion, the fallout is still continuing. Kerry Burke wrote to the Press this week stating that he was against Nuclear Power and that the whole thing was a beatup. A letter-writer has responded today by quoting the original Press report on the mistaken belief that it was the actual wording of the motion. If ECan doesn't get the message out soon, the board is going to be slaughtered in the Elections.