Saturday, September 25, 2004

Voting: the Fendalton Waimairi Ward

After due deliberation of the list of candidates and consultation of the entrails, I'm voting for Mike Wall and Mark Kunnen. My observations on the candidates are:

Sally Buck Making It Happen - Independent One of the two incumbents. She is the sister of the previous Mayor, Vicki Buck, and, as far as I am concerned, got elected on her name. Largely invisible in council deliberations.

Faimeh Burke Christchurch 2021 Wife of Kerry Burke. Technically as he's a sir, she actually is Lady Faimeh Burke but flaunting that title wouldn't go down well for a council seat. Her blurb doesn't have anything about her Iranian origins which would have gone down well in Avonhead.

Michel Counch Christchurch 2021 An arts student and a student politician. As a matter of principle, I don't vote for people that have no experience with the real world.

Pat Harrow Independent Citizens One of the two sitting councillors. His blurb mentions the fact that he went to Christchurch Boys High but spoils the effect by also mentioning that he went to Lincoln College. The main reason why I'm against him is that his blurb contains a list of policies that he like to do and a list of council positions that he holds but no list of achievements.

Mark Kunnen Postive, Responsible, Accountable I've know Mark ever since school. In the beginning, he was a bit naive as I recall him saying how great National was in the dying days of the Muldoon government. At university, he managed to get himself elected Services Officer but he resigned after refusing to apologize to GUSS (Gay University Student Society) for calling them "a bunch of weirdos". If he had more acumen then, he could kept his position by pointing out that a number of other clubs (Killing As Organized Sport, Race Against Time Society, Gamers etc) were also weirdos so that GUSS should stop being so sensitive. He's had a couple of embarrassments with the law since then (careless driving and failure to file some tax returns) but nothing serious. But of all the campaigns in the ward, his has been the most prominent and professional.

Mike Wall Independent CitizensChairman of the Community Board and Police Youth Aid Officer. His blurb is good and solid although it's interesting to note that while Pat Harrow's blurb calls for zero tolerance to crime, Mike doesn't say anything.

Gina Williamson Independent Fairly okay. Her campaign photo which features prominently on her placards is a bit unflattering in a Cromwellian warts-and-all kind of way and makes her look amateurish.