Saturday, April 16, 2005

15 seconds of fame

The Herald had a round-up of commentary about John Tamihere from selected newspapers and bloggers and one of the bloggers they quoted was me! The ordering is a bit strange, I'm placed behind Russell Brown yet ahead of more established blogs like Kiwiblog, NZ Pundit, and Silent Running (and even managed to mangle the country code as .tvf). I'm curious as to the reasons for the ordering. Was it because they consider me more respectable? Or do I write better? Or was it simply because of the suggestion that I made?

I'm pinching the endorsement as "Skeptical Blogger" so it would look good on my blog page. I should also update my seriously defunct blogroll but I'm less than satisified with the traditional division of left, right and centre blogs that seems to be standard here and overseas. Watch this space.