Friday, July 08, 2005

London Subway Attacks

As of writing, the death toll for the London Terror Attacks stands at 37, but could be as high as 52 (as the UK Times reports a further 15 deaths from the bus bomb). Although I have two brothers in London, I avoided torment because I was out for the night and didn't find out about the attacks until I had received the message that they were both okay. That is not true for the relatives of at least forty Londoners as well as the seven hundred injured and to them, I can only offer my sympathies.

A fortunate feature about the attacks is that the death toll is low compared to what it could have been. The Madrid attacks killed 191 people with 10 bombs - an average of 19 deaths per bomb - while the London attacks that supposedly followed the same pattern only averaged of 13 deaths per bomb (if the UK Times is correct). Given the use of timers instead of cellphones (which the Madrid attackers used), I can only suspect that the London attackers were less sophisticated and had fewer resources than their Madrid counterparts. This may be due to the attackers being a new group of enthusiasts rather than being the usual terror suspects that MI5 monitors, which would also explain how they managed to avoid detection.