Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Clive Hulme: War Criminal?

The Sunday Star-Times recently had an article about Sergeant Hulme, a VC recipient, was a war criminal because he wore enemy uniform while participating in attacks. The law is less clear cut than they think as it pertains to Sergeant Hulme's activities. What I found curious when looking at the article was that Hulme was described as wearing a german paratrooper's smock or blouse. So what did this article of clothing look like? A simple google turned up a website with the picture on the left. Do you see any insignia on that smock? No?? Then it doesn't fall under the definition of a uniform.

Methinks the authors Harper and Richardson owe an apology. Peter Wills who had described the actions as "unsanctioned murder" is excused because as the deputy director for Peace Studies, no reasonable-minded person could have taken his words seriously.