Monday, September 18, 2006

Evil Popish Plot revealed!

Remember the Good Old Days when the Papal utterances were reduced to soundbites that easily could be dismissed with a "whatever" if you didn't agree with them? Y'know those lengthy condemnations of contraception, homosexuality, masonry and so forth? Now by seeming to slight Islam, Pope Benedict has forced otherwise reasonable people to pour over his speech and ponder upon what it means for society whether God is Logos or absolutely Transcendant.

Now all the Pope has to do is to lace all his speeches with spicy medieval slurs against Islam (of which there is an inexhaustible supply in the Vatican secret archives*) and people will be reading them intensely until Doomsday.

*What's the point of having Secret Archives if you have a official website for them? Doesn't that defeat its purpose somewhat? The next thing that'll happen is that the Exclusive Brethren, for whom using the internet is wicked sin, have their own website...