Monday, April 16, 2007

2021 announces Christchurch Mayoralty Candidate

Ever since Tim Barnett has decided not to puruse the Mayoralty, 2021 have finally named Dr Megan Woods as their candidate for the Christchurch Mayoralty next year. The general reaction is likely to be "Who?".

Megan Woods stood for the Progressives for Christchurch Central in 2005 and is a sitting member of the Spreydon Heathcote Community Board. She was fourth on the Progressive Party list which I said was due to a poverty of talent.

I'm just simply gobsmacked that 2021 couldn't find a heavyweight to contest the mayoralty. Ever since Vicki Buck's election in 1989, Labour through its affiliates have always held the mayoralty but now there's nobody else?

As things stand, Bob Parker will simply be a shoo-in to win. I would normally endorse him but his sole local body experience to date has been the complete and utter destruction of the Banks Peninsula District Council, which makes me pause...