Sunday, July 11, 2004

Earth-shattering news?

The Te Tau Hauauru by-election results (Turia won by a predictable landslide) apparently aren't newsworthy. The Sunday Star Times had on the front page a massive story about Powncebury that was a rehash of an old story that tells us nothing new and a modest article about the results of the All-Blacks/Pacific rugby match. No mention of the by-election is made on the front page and it isn't until page 4 that it's detailed. To rub salt into the snub, on page 3 is a story about a policy proposal at the National Party Conference!

The NZ Herald website is no better (although the paper's Sunday non-appearance may be a reason). The Rugby match is mentioned with in a story date-stamped 9.25pm yet the final results from the by-election were available from the election website were available at 8.22pm (look at the date-stamp on the top left hand side)! When Winston "Iago" Peters ran in a similarly one-sided by-election, there was far stronger media interest so why the lack of interest?