Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Interesting spin...

Parliament condemns the recent attacks on Jewish graves and the Fairfax papers (the Press and Dominion Post) depict it as a "Peace offer by government to Israelis". While I doubt that the government actually intended the motion as such, it certainly is a welcome balm in the Mossad scandal. Although I would have like to see Helen Clark leading the condemnations (she was away in the Tokelaus) as I daresay her initial rhetoric was an attempt to bash Israel for political gain the way that France had been bashed over nuking defenseless pacific islands. But then again, she did autocratically declare that Irving would be banned from visiting so she may legitimately feel that she's done enough.

Incidentally the Police have arrested one Nick Miller, a National Front thug, on a number of charges as he is a person they would like to speak to over the Graveyard attacks. Initially Kyle Chapman, the National Front head obsenity, wasn't returning calls to TVNZ's reporter although that may be because the reporter covering the story was one Ali Ikram. Kyle has now said that he isn't sure whether Nick belongs to the National Front, which confirms the public belief about his ignorance.