Saturday, September 25, 2004

Voting: The Canterbury District Health Board

Voting for the District Health Board was slightly easier this time around. From a list of twenty-nine candidates, I purged:
Anybody that works in the medical field It's better to have people without such conflicts because if they know about the field then they would have to recuse themselves whereas if they weren't elected, the DHB would be hearing/ignoring their point of view anyway.

Anybody standing for Health Cuts Hurt Such people have a misguided impression of what the District Health Board does. The money they can spend is controlled by the government while the Board is dominated by the unappointed members. If any of the Health Cuts Hurt were to be elected, they would be unable to do anything or speak to the media about it. Moreover much of the District Health Board's time would be wasted by screaming, blubbering fits as these people come to terms with their own impotence.

People I have good reasons for not voting forThis includes Robin Booth (prat), Martin Hansen (eccentric), Paul Telfer (eccentric), Kevin O'Connell (dope) and Allison Wilke (useless).
Such a purge leaves behind eight people.

After ranking David Morrell (the former City Missioner and a sitting Board member) and Neville Bennett (who wrote good columns), I just went through the list alphabetically. Hence I voted for Rod Cameron, Alister James, Jo Kane, Kathryn McIlraith and Felicity Price, leaving Peter Stocks out in the cold. Sorry about that, Pete.