Saturday, October 09, 2004

Christchurch Council Election Results

The preliminary election results have finally been released.


Gary Moore won with over 60,000 votes while his nearest rival, one Andrew Keown, only won 10,000 votes. Jamie Gough (who might have a girlfriend called Echo) comes third with 7,000 votes and Bob Nimmo only gets over 3,000 votes. Over 5,500 votes were cast for the no-hopers ranging from Kyle Chapman's 1600 votes down to Martin Hansen's 3,70 votes.


Norm Withers (famous for the Crime Petition) and Gary Condon were returned as Councillors. Dumped was Ingrid Stonehill whose chief claim to fame was quitting 2021 in a huff and firing off a nasty open letter to the Mayor earlier this year. The letter backfired when seventeen other council members publicly wrote a letter of support for Gary. She also tried some dirty tactic such as denouncing a fellow candidate for corrupt practices last week.


Pat Harrow and Sally Buck were returned with 7200 and 6400 votes respectively. Bugger. Mark Kunnen and Mike Wall came third and fourth with a respectable 4700 votes each.


Carol Evans and Gail Sherrif were returned as Councillors with over 6600 votes each. Chrissy Williams was ousted getting just under 5000 votes while her colleague Rob Davidson (Lianne Diazell's husband) came in fifth with 4400 votes (behind Kim Money with 4700 votes).


Helen Broughton was returned with over 7300 votes. This is despite getting a drink driving conviction and being forced to resign from the Road Safety Committee under pressure (having originally refused). Her colleague is one Bob Shearing with over 6000 votes.


Returned were David Cox (5000 votes) and Anna Crighton (4300 votes). What's more interesting is who didn't get in. Robin Booth (prat) came fourth with 2300 votes and the abrasive Denis O'Rourke only got 2200 votes. Perhaps Robin can unwind by getting something off his chest.


Barry Corbett (just under 9500 votes) and Sue Wells (just under 9000) were both returned. Carole Anderton didn't get returned despite a strong showing of 6100 votes. Is this the beginning of the end for her husband, Pope Jim?