Thursday, May 19, 2005

Come again?

The Press ran a front page article about David Benson-Pope's reaction to the Solicitor-General's decision that the police will investigate allegations against him. It's a rehash of this NZPA article but contains additional reporting, the origin of which is not given. In particular after the third paragraph in which David is quoted as saying:
"These are really serious accusations and allegations which I want sorted, and the sooner the better for everyone's sake," he said.
The Press then adds [emphasis mine]:
He had been asking for the police to handle the allegations "for some weeks".
What?!? Rodney only raised them in the house last week! If David knew of the allegations to the extent that he was talking to the police some weeks ago then it makes his responses in the house even more foolish. Instead of the original impression that an ambushed David reflexively (and stupidly) denying sordid allegations, it now appears that he knew of them beforehand but he still answered in such a way to warrant his ministerial suspension? If ministers could be ousted from cabinet due to monumental stupidity, David Benson-Pope's handling of these allegations would be more sufficient to warrant his immediate dismissal.

UPDATE: Rodney finds the online version of the Press's comments here and suggests that no action was taken because David called 111.