Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Winston peters out over the Ba'athists

Judging by what was said in the House today, Winston has used up all the ammunition that he had over secret Ba'athists immigrants. He has only named one person, Al- Khashali, that the government didn't know about. The other Iraqi told to leave was a diplomat that the government, not Winston, found and whom Winston described as a "rabbit". The remaining Iraqis that he has named are known refugees who arrived before Saddam's fall. He didn't name any more Iraqis in the House but his mention of Asha Ali Abdille caused TVNZ's reporter to witlessly believe that he had yet named another Iraqi. However Asha is a Somali refugee who has been the subject of media attention before (for numerous criminal convictions) which makes the reporter's error even more glaring.