Friday, July 22, 2005

Mallard: One Fumb Duck

In an amazingly feeble attempt to draw attention away from National's release of its student loans policy, Trevor Mallard claimed that National's policies were being drawn up by shady americans in exchange for huge political donations. The allegations were not even barely credible since Mallard didn't show any proof and the media reaction this morning was contemptuous with even Colin Espiner writing:
What to do when your opponent trumps you on policy? Blame the Americans and claim the whole thing is a plot by the CIA, of course.

For the second time in a week, Labour has found itself outflanked by National on tertiary education policy.

And for the second time it has created a diversion, turning the tables on National by flagrant misuse of ministerial office.

So much for Labour's promise to run a positive campaign.

The Press 22nd July 2005
When the Press's political editor, hitherto sympathetic towards the government, starts being critical, the Government is in a bad way.

Now things have gotten worse.

TVNZ spoke tonight to the American billionaire behind Trevor Mallard's concerns, Julian Roberston. He revealed that the only political donations that he made in the last elections was to Dover Samuels, the Labour representative for Te Tai Tokerau. This was apparently because Julian owns the Kauri Cliffs in the Bay of Islands (within Dover's electorate).

Now Mallard has made stupid attacks before and apologized for them. But this level of stupidity is unprecedented. It isn't so much as an own goal but rather Mallard's out for a duck. I'm left wondering whether Labour actually intends to win the upcoming elections.

On a related note - Labour is unleashing a new advertising campaign against Don Brash by highlighting statements of his that they feel will cause him damage, such as sending troops to Iraq. *Yawn*. Waging a campaign about the war that took place two years ago is like waging a campaign about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. One could wage a campaign about Don Brash wanting to send troops to Iraq to help with the reconstruction efforts there. However Helen Clark can't do this because she has sent our engineers to Basra (in an effort to curry favour with George Bush after she made certain irresponsible statements during the war that were widely reported). A better tactic might be to dig up Don's Masters thesis and quote the Marxist sentiments found in there. A Reds-under-the-beds campaign wouldn't make the government look as incompetent as it does now.

UPDATE: Link added to TVNZ newstory.