Saturday, August 20, 2005

ACT political address

The address suprisingly started off with footage of Roger Douglas and then switched to an informal meeting of ACT MPs past and present as well as some of the hopefuls. The informality was an unusual tactic as I was expecting an address like the Greens. I assume that informality must be the in-thing as National also did it with their political address. Being a hard science wonk, I preferred the Green style although I can understand that ACT is trying to soften its image.

Because the discussion was so informal, the policies were interspesed with discussions about ACT philosophy. Not being a very fast writer, I only noted down the policies, which were:
Tax Cuts
Ending the Treaty Greivance Industry
Better deal for Farmers over Land Access
Zero-tolerance towards Crime
Criminals should serve out their full sentences
Allowing public money to be spent on private hospitals
Promotion of Teachers, Doctors and Nurses at expense of Bureacrats
There was an moving anecdote about a family that lost a daughter because the money couldn't be spent on operations in a private hospital. Then there was the mention of the Wanaga and discussion of Rodney's role in keeping the government honest by asking difficult questions. I do admit being surprised that the ACT's political address was less focussed on its leader than the Greens were.

Lastly there was a discussion about how National needs ACT in that they are better than NZ First plus a two final policies of scrapping NCEA and stopping welfare abuse.