Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Clark versus Lange: Take 2

Helen Clark has another go at rebutting David Lange's allegations.
Helen Clark called the years between 1984 and 1990 a "particularly painful part of the Labour Party's history" and recalled the "shock" she felt when, as Housing Minister, she found officials were starting "to unpick the state housing provision as we had known it".

She went to Mr Lange and told him she could not support the changes.

Mr Lange then revealed he had had a "dismal" summer holiday and was "of a mind to re-examine things", Helen Clark said.

A short time later, he famously called for "a cup of tea" to slow the economic reform juggernaut engineered by Sir Roger.
So Helen is now saying that she signalled to Lange her opposition to the Flat-tax package after it had been adopted by Cabinet and publicly announced? In other words, Lange's recollection that she had said nothing in Cabinet was accurate? While I freely concede that Lange is being spiteful, it's hard to describe Helen's actions in such a way as to put her in a favourable light without taking liberties with the truth.