Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Bravery of the Bombers

When reading about the arrest of the remaining failed suicide-bombers, the following incident caught my attention:
One woman, who would not reveal her name, said she heard the entire three-hour exchange between the suspects and police, who had called for "Mohammed" to come out of the building.

"Police started to say to him you need to come out of the flat ... with your underwear on and your arms up in the air," she told reporters. "He was then saying to them, 'How do I know that you're not going to ... shoot me?'

"They said you need to come out into the street with your underwear on so that we know that you haven't got any explosives on you, and so that we know that you're not a risk to the police or the public."

She said she heard the exchange from her apartment window, and the man sounded like he may have been crying.
I'm disgusted. Muhammed was quite prepared to take his own life along with perhaps twenty other innocent lives last week. Now when the Metropolitan Police are out to get him, he cries like a little girl because he's afraid they are going to shoot him? If he ever makes it into heaven as a martyr, he'll be bloody lucky to get a catamite.