Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Government rumours

It's three weeks after the election and we don't have a government. Normally the impression being received by the media is that the process of forming the next government is progressing well, but today there have been some interesting developments.

The first was some rumour reported on the radio about how a National-led Coalition had been formed. That rumour is false and was probably based on this report in which the Maori Party have indicated that they would be happy to support such a coalition. My impression is that somebody was trying to spook Helen Clark.

The more interesting development is that Helen is now trying to entice NZ First into supporting the government on matters of confidence and supply. This indicates that she's got the Greens support but hasn't got United or Maori. It's undoubtedly ominous that the hitherto media-shy Winston has started clowining in front of the cameras again.