Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ministers outside Cabinet

The Ministers outside Cabinet are:

Judith Tizard: Minister for Consumer Affairs, Archives, National Library and Auckland Issues. Associate in Arts, Commerce and Transport. This is sheer patronage as she has been a minister ever since 1999 but still hasn't been elevated to Cabinet.

Dover Samuels: Minister of State. Associate in Economic Development, Industry and Regional Development, Housing and Tourism. Given that he was politically weakened by the loss of his seat, Helen must be trying to keep the Maori Caucus happy.

Harry Dunhoyvern: Minister of Transport Safety. Helen's still keeping him at arms distance.

Mita Ririnui: Minister of State. Associate in Corrections, Treaty Negotiations, Forestry and Health. Even though he has been useless and now has no electorate seat, Helen's still keeping him on.

Winnie Laban: Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector. Associate in Pacific Islands, Social Development, Economic Development. She was raised as Taito Philip Field's replacement. His loss of portfolios even before the report is due out on his activities means that he is finished.

Mahara Okerera: Minister of State. Associate in Social Development, Arts and Conservation. Raised for retaining his Maori Electorate seat.

Oh yes. There's also Winston Peters and Peter Dunne but I've said enough about them. So the total size of the executive is 29 members, the largest ever.