Monday, October 17, 2005

Labour Progressive Agreement

This short agreement is only one page in length. The specific details are:

* Both parties are committed to stability through a sustainable and growing economy in a progressive, just and fair society.

So "progressive" does not mean "just" or "fair"?

* A no surprises agreement.

No surprises there.

* Appropriate credit shall be given to the Progressives for their policy agreements and they shall be allowed to diverge from the line of the Labour government.

Jim Anderton shall be given deserved praise whenever possible (if necessary, the Labour party shall err on the side of undeserved praise) and no criticism of his statements will be tolerated even if they do conflict with government policy.

* Jim Anderton will receive a Cabinet posting but is not obliged to be on every cabinet committee.

A magnanimous concession by Jim Anderton.

* Both parties shall work with other parties to form a stable government with a positive legislative programme.

Even National and ACT?