Monday, October 17, 2005

Winston as Foreign Minister?

So Winston Peters is to be Foreign Minister? The only foreign policy experience that he has is getting into stoushes with immigrant taxi-drivers. One should be thankful for small mercies however - instead of getting drunk at public expense, he will now do so at the expense of other countries. The other alternative, that of Attorney-General, is barely tolerable considering the precedent of David Lange.

Doug Woolerton, the NZ First President, has confirmed that he has resigned over Winston accepting a ministerial post as it would be a betrayal of campaign promises. This is good news as it indicates that there are more principles in the NZ First caucus than previously thought.

It also looks like Peter Dunne will be a Minister which indicates that the Greens are out in the cold (as Peter has publicly declared that he won't be part of a Cabinet that included the Greens). No word has been made about the likely portfolios although something useless such as Minister in charge of the Families Commission would be entirely appropriate.