Monday, October 17, 2005

Oh dear, this doesn't sound too good.

Helen Clark has announced for Peter Dunne and Winston Peters:
Collective responsibility will apply to the areas for which they have portfolio responsibility.
In other words, on matters of foreign policy, senior citizens and racing, Winston Peters has to stick with the government. On other matters, such as immigration, policing, corruption and so forth, Winston is quite free to emerge from the Teepee of Government and publicly relieve himself upon it. Even worse, Ministers can ask questions in the House.

Which makes a mockery of this particular statement from Helen:
Helen Clark said that time and care had been taken by all five parties to negotiate arrangements for a stable and durable government in the interests of New Zealand.
If "time and care" had been taken in constructing the current governmental arrangements, I really hate to see what would have happened if the arrangements had been constructed in a slapdash manner.