Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Deal over the Speakers?

It's been reported by NewstalkZB, TVNZ and RadioNZ today that Labour will support Clem Simich, National MP for Tamaki, as Deputy Speaker. But the situation is slightly funny. Michael Cullen is making a public announcement with no corresponding announcement from National. Furthermore when he says that:
He hopes National will in turn support Ms Wilson and that the elections for the two top positions will be uncontested.
The suspicion arises that no deal has been made and that Michael is trying to get a positive response from National to avoid humiliation.

Of the minor parties, the Greens are in favour while Peter Dunne might also be (which is inferred from Cullen's statement that there's support among the minor parties for his move). So what do Winston Peters and the Maori Party think? They could unite with National and ACT to depose Margaret Wilson. Winston Peters will probably so inclined but I'm less certain about the Maori Party.