Sunday, May 14, 2006

Telecom Leak update

Given that it was recently announced that the report on the Telecom leak will be released next week, one might have expected the clues about the suspect to appear in the Sunday papers. However the offerings are scant. There's only an article in the Sunday Star Times about how the leaker, now the subject of "employment action" (apparently the latest euphemism for disciplinary proceedings), will be getting a chance to review the report before it is released. The article is padded with speculation that the leak came from either the Treasury or the Ministry of Economic Development and conjectures that it is more likely to have come from the Treasury. If the report did come from a Ministry official acting on his own then it would be embarassing for the responsible ministers, Micheal Cullen (Treasury) or Trevor Mallard (Economic Development), but not to the extent that their resignation would be required.