Thursday, September 30, 2004

Doesn't the Herald read its own back-issues?

The Herald has a story today which breathlessly reports:
Britain has confirmed Australia was invited to take part in planning for war shortly after British and US military officials started preparations nine months before Iraq was invaded.

A report in London newspaper the Evening Standard today claimed, according to a leaked Pentagon document, senior British and US commanders met at a "UK and Australia planning conference" in June 2002 in Florida.
However in April of last year, the Herald reported:
At a meeting in London after the Queen Mother's death last year, the old Anglo-Saxon club began to part at the seams as it became clear its titanic offspring, the United States, was planning war on Iraq.

Prime Minister Helen Clark and Canadian counterpart Jean Chretien shrank from the prospect; Australia's John Howard and Britain's Tony Blair, already committed to American primacy, were far more inclined toward invasion.
Since the Queen Mother died in 30th of March 2002, this means that Helen Clark knew that preparations were being made for war with Iraq in the month before this allegedly secret conference! I suppose the Herald has to print these gilliganesque beat-ups so people can read something else besides gloomy prognoses about the US presidential elections.