Sunday, October 10, 2004

Democracy Watch

In other news, Howard has been returned to power for a fourth term increasing his majority in the house of representatives and possibly the senate as well. It is not yet known how many Taxi-drivers had their arms broken as Mark Latham came to terms with his defeat.

The Afghan election has gone very well with voting progressing peacefully and no sign of any disruption by the Taleban or Al-Qai'da. As Karzai is expected to win, his opponents demonstrated their excellent understanding of democracy etiquette by being sore losers and complaining of vote fraud. The Sunday Star-Times celebrated this happy event by reprinting a sour-grapes article from the Guardian, entitled:
An election is the last thing Afghans need
Surprising news has come through in Fallujah (scroll to bottom). Apparently the insurgents there want to be able to take part in the forthcoming January Elections and are negotiating with the government. Most media are so embaressed by this that they are burying the news underneath the truce in Sadr City.