Friday, November 05, 2004

Arafat is almost dead

After a day of conflicting rumours about whether Yassir Arafat is alive or dead, the consensus seems to be that he's brain dead and his doctors are just waiting to pull the plug. Why are they waiting? Because where Arafat will be buried hasn't been settled yet and they don't want to aggravate matters by having his corpse left unburied for more than a day. As for the nature of Arafat's condition, the continued silence is making me take seriously the allegation that he has AIDs.

One News is taking the prospect of his death as a big deal with Arafat's condition occupying the top news spot. However they are being clueless as usual in describing his imminent death as a blow to the peace process. As any fule kno, Arafat was an impediment rather than an assistant to the establishment of the Palestinian State.