Friday, November 05, 2004

District Health Board results

After the elections of Australia, Afghanistan and America have taken place and the results known, we finally get to know the Canterbury District Health Board election results. The full results aren't up but I've been informed that they will be put online over the weekend. So I'll just confine myself to comments on the victors:
David MORRELL (Health 2021): A worthy choice and one that I voted for.
Robin BOOTH (Re-elect Robin Booth): Bugger!
Olive WEBB (Independent) A doctor that does some work for the CHDB. I believe it to be a bad choice as I explained here.
Alister JAMES (Labour for Health 2021) Another candidate that I voted for. Not out of any impression of competence, mind you, but because of the selection critera that I used.
Heather CARTER (Health Cuts Hurt): A problem member for the Council.
Jo KANE (Health 2021): Another person that I voted for due to my selection method.
Laurence MALCOLM (Health 2021): One that I didn't vote for because I saw that he was a medical professional and assumed that he would have conflicts of interests. Looking at his bio, I see that is not the case and so I would have voted for him.
How good will these Board members be? I have no idea whatsoever and without the relaxation of the Gag rule and consequent public examination of their actions, I fail to see how Annette King, the Minister of Health, expects us to believe that electing board members will do any good. Perhaps she's taken something from her daughter's handbag?