Saturday, August 20, 2005

Addresses of the Minor and Joke Parties

The first party to feature was the Christian Heritage Party. Ewan McQueen impressed me by apologizing for Graham Capill. The rest of the address was taking up by announcing the party's ABCs, Affirming Marriage, Building Families and Celebrating Life.

Then appeared the Democrats for Social Credit. I thought they disappeared ages ago, subsumed into the Alliance or something. The only interesting thing their spokeswoman, one Clare De Ruyter, mentioned was their unique financial policy (ie. printing money).

Next was Richard Lewis for Destiny New Zealand. His address was focussed on the family but the usage of "forefathers" at one point struck me as odd.

The LibertariaNZ spoke next about the twin goals of self-ownsership and self-responsibility. They were going to dump the Resource Management Act and the Treaty of Waitangi and slash taxes and tariffs to the bone.

The once-proud Alliance was next and they spoke about having to stop Brash and reclaim the country. They did flash policies at the bottom but I couldn't make them out.

The 99MP Party then spoke about slashing the number of MPs to 99 and Cabinet to 12. Supposedly the billions saved in this cost-cutting measure can be spent on fixing what's wrong with this country.

The Republicans said that the problem with our countryu was the British Monarchy. They were also going to dump the Treaty of Waitangi in favour of a new document.

Finally there was the Family Rights Protection Party, which spoke about increasing ethnic representation in Parliament (most of the speakers looked Maori or Islanders) as well as the Guardianship of God-given rights.

And that was all of the minor and joke party addresses. I didn't see the Aoteoroa Legalize Cannabis Party this time around. They were probably too stoned to make a political address.