Saturday, August 20, 2005

Progressive Political Address

The Address consisted of Jim Anderton walking between two telescreens that displayed policy. He had a new line that the Progressive Party kept their heads down and got things done to explain away the fact that his party has been almost invisible over the last election.

Jim claimed credit for economic and regional development as well as the creation of 260,000 new jobs, kiwibank, 4 weeks leave and a doubling in the number of apprenticeships.

He then said that he wanted to create Thinkers not Drinkers and to do this, he would raise the drinking age to 20, ban Alcohol advertising and prevent Cannabis from being legalized.

He also said that he wanted to be the Minister of Education after the next election (which sounds like he's done a deal with Helen, he certainly can't be any worse than Trevor Mallard). To reduce student debt, Jim's policy was to have the government pay the loan costs for three years for every year that the student worked in New Zealand.

Jim then threw in some more policies which were:
Increasing superannuation
$200 winter power handout
No Prescription Charges for under 18s and Over-65s
Home Deposits by capitalizing the family benefit
Finally he spoke about how important it was to return more progressive MPs to parliament in the next election. Certainly, Jim! Who would these MPs be, by the way?