Sunday, November 06, 2005

Greens lose their number 2.

Rod Donald has died of a heart attack. As well as being a huge shock for all (especially his family), his death will be devastating for the Greens because he had the rare combination of being respected outside the party for his affability and sensiblity.

His parliamentary vacancy will be filled by Nandor Tanczos, if he wants it and if not then Mike Ward. The real question is who will fill his position as Number 2? Sue Bradford seems the obvious choice and has some reputation in the House as being reasonable. However she does have a well-known history as being an agitator (She resigned from New Labour because she stood up for the Trotskyite Permanent Revolution Group when Jim Anderton was trying to oust them) in which she would have to work hard to overcome if the Greens are to appeal electorally. The next two choices are Sue Kedgley and Keith Locke, neither of whom inspire much confidence (Sue K. is a Ditz and Keith is a Loon).