Friday, November 12, 2004

The road to Christchurch is paved with good intentions.

In July, a police investigation was launched to investigate reports that the Prime Minister's motorcade travelled the 195km between Waimate and Christchurch in eighty minutes so that the PM could attend a rugby match. The scandal was that this driving feat could only be performed at a mean speed of 145 km/h when the de facto speed limit was only 110 km/h. The investigation has now been completed and six people are facing dangerous driving charges.

This is not good news for the Prime Minister. Even though she claims that she had her head buried in the papers and was oblivious to the speed of her motorcade, she still bears some vicarious responsibility for their actions. What's worse is the temptation of the people charged to testify to some unflattering anecdote about the Prime Minister in order to obtain sympathy at their trial.