Monday, August 29, 2005

Wigram Candidates

The candidates for the Wigram electorate are:
Anderton, Jim (Jim Anderton's Progressive)
Dowie, Tom (Alliance)
Emile, Tetauru (ACT)
Foljambe, Anton (Direct Democracy)
Hansen, Michael (NZ Economic Euthenics)
Kingi, Sam (Anti-Capitalist Alliance)
Lomax, Allison (National)
Mora, Mike (Labour)
Roberts, Vanessa (United Future)
Roswell, Brian M (New Zealand First)
Suggate, Richard Malcolm (Green)
This electorate has been a stronghold for Jim Anderton but with the ouster of his missus from the Christchurch City Council last year, it may no longer be secure. Jim received 11,206 electorate votes but only 2178 of those people actually trusted him with their party vote. Since Jim received 16,940 electorate votes and 5,474 party votes in 1999, there is a downward trend that Jim should be worried about.

Tom Dowie is the Alliance candidate to unseat the Evil Traitor that destroyed their party. The candidate is somewhat vocal (three press releases in six months) and took part in a hunger strike against the sale of Queen Mary hospital last year. But about him as the candidate, I can find nothing. The Alliance received only 581 electorate votes and 611 party votes in the last election and Tom is unlikely to improve on those numbers.

Tetauru Emile is the ACT candidate. ACT gained 1,285 party votes and 685 electorate votes last election which is roughly the same as it recieved in 1999 (1,138 party votes and 631 electorate votes). I expect ACT to receive similar or smaller numbers in this coming election.

Anton Foljambe used to be the leader of the National Front until he resigned in 1997. Since his successor Kyle Chapman is also standing, one can easily conclude that Direct Democracy is a skinhead party. However it's not that simple. Direct Democracy has among its candidates Dilip Rupa Tim Chan, Paul Teio and Seira Perese. The answer lies in the figure of one Kelvyn Alp who is described as a "former leader of the Armed Intervention Force - the defunct paramilitary wing of the separatist Maori Government of Aotearoa". I do recall police comment in the NBR about the AIF being a "strange mixture of maori radicals and white power activists" but the only reference I can find to the story is here, which does not have the comment.

Michael Hansen is a well-known oddball who has sat for council and parliamentary office for as long as I can remember. He received 55 votes in 1999 but received 370 votes in the mayoral election last year.

Sam Kingi is standing for the Anti-Capitalist Alliance. According to Wikipedia, the ACA is an umbrella group of socialist parties that is not numerous enough to be registered as a party! Its politics appear to be Maoist with a website based in the Tokelaus (and you have to get past a capitalist adult advertisment first). The only information I can find about Sam Kingi is here, which describes him as a full time student.

Allison Lomax replaces Alec Neill as the National candidate for Wigram. Alec is still around but reportedly having too much fun in ECan to be bothered with Parliament. From her profile, Allison has roots in North Canterbury so I get the impression that she's learning the ropes as a candidate before standing for a winnable seat elsewhere.

Mike Mora takes up the challenge once again for Labour having contested the seat in 1999 and 2002. He has improved the electorate vote from 5,968 votes in 1999 to 8,030 in 2002. If Jim's share of the vote collapses as much as it did the last time, Mike will be returned as MP. Despite his long service, Mike not on the Party list for reasons I can't fathom.

Vanessa Roberts is standing as the United Future candidate. United Future won 2,402 party votes and 1,376 electorate votes in 2002 but based on the collapse in its support, it will be lucky to receive half the number of votes in this election.

Brain Roswell is standing for NZ First. I've been unable to find much about him apart from this blog entry. Even the NZ First website has sod-all about him (and candidates in general) perhaps because the webmaster can be arsed wasting time on losers.

Richard Malcolm Suggate is the Green Candidate. I find the use of the middle name to be somewhat suspicious as it's chiefly used if you're appearing in court on a charge and the exception that springs to mind - Richard Milhous Nixon -- proves the rule. His profile indicates that he's a conservationist Greenie although he does confess to having been in a commune in his youth. I expect the Greens to improve somewhat on the votes they received in the last election, which were 2,179 party votes and 1,681 electorate votes.