Tuesday, November 16, 2004

CDHB elections: an analysis

The full STV results for the Canterbury District Health Board Elections is available here as a PDF document. A short summary of the results:
Name1st PrefFinalResult
David Morrell16,53116,531Elected 1st
Robin Booth9,65314,052Elected 27th
Olive Webb8,75314,068Elected 29th
Jo Kane7,30313,146Elected 33rd
Alister James6,93213,171Elected 30th
Laurence Malcolm5,56112,552Elected 35th
Neville Bennett5,1367,135Excluded 26th
Alison Wilke4,8637,787Excluded 28th
Felicity Price4,33810,776Excluded 35th
Heather Carter4,16613,452Elected 33rd
Winston McKean4,1576,032Excluded 24th
Eleanor Carter4,0898,846Excluded 32th
Rod Cameron3,5625,104Excluded 23rd
Sandi Evans2,8324,466Excluded 22nd
Ray Kirk2,8673,538Excluded 20th
Andrew John McKenzie2,5053,856Excluded 21th
Paul Telfer2,4233,052Excluded 18th
Stephanie Jane Waterfield2,2592,767Excluded 17th
John Dean1,8332,217Excluded 15th
Tahu Stirling1,5831,895Excluded 14th
Kathryn McIlraith1,1241,326Excluded 13th
Mark Webster1,1001,263Excluded 12th
Kevin Patrick O'Connell9691,072Excluded 10th
Tom Dowie861913Excluded 8th
Peter van Hout844927Excluded 9th
Mary King823876Excluded 6th
Peter Stocks717760Excluded 4th
Robert H McKeown596613Excluded 3rd
Michael Hansen486496Excluded 2nd